About me


25 years ago I was born in Romania and after finishing high school, I decided to move to Vienna for study purposes. Ever since I have been passionate about Fashion but, as a teenager I let myself be guided by the perceptions of people surrounding me who tried to convince me that I cannot pursue a career in fashion because fashion is not a reliable choice. Thus, I began studying at the University of Economics and Business in 2010 from where I graduated 4 years later. I do not regret completing the course as I did expand my knowledge, however, I felt that something was missing and I did not feel fulfilled.

For the past year now I have worked in a fashion company and it felt right from the start as though I was on the right path. I was graced with an opportunity to do my Master Degree in Fashion, Design and Experience Management at the SDA Bocconi in Milan. A new, yet very exciting challenge. I have no idea what opportunities this will present or where my path will take me. All I know is that I am looking to grow and develop my experience personally and professionally. I love to take risks. There is no failure if you truly do what you love. The most important thing in life is to do it for yourself. Do not pursue something for the wrong reasons such as fame or due to the fact that others believe they know what’s best for you. Do it because it makes you feel fulfilled and happy. As cliche as it may sound - dare to follow your dreams.

As you have noticed The Minxi Vixen is not a traditional fashion blogger name. I did not want to have a mainstream blog name beginning with or containing the word “fashion“. I usually tend to search for meaning in everything. I wanted something catchy, cheeky and at the same time something that defines me as a person. A minx is an independent and smart woman - similar to vixen. But it can be also a flirtatious woman. Sometimes, I can also be rather foxy and that’s where vixen originated from. They both define my character.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my posts. I will give my best to provide you with quality content and I welcome your thoughts.

For question or requests please feel free to contact me: gianinamatei@yahoo.com

Lots of love,