Fashion Week in Milano – Trussardi & Missoni SS17

October 2, 2016

I cannot describe the feeling I have when I am at the fashion shows and I watch the newest collection of a certain brand. A get chills down my spine. I can’t think of anything else. I am present in that moment. The whole atmosphere, the music, the models, cameras, photographs seems to be unreal. And when you think that it is so much work behind every collection and so much stress for 10 minutes of runway show. But  it’s worth in the end.

This is already the third fashion week in Milan that I am attending and I got familiar with the whole procedure. The MISSONI brand TRUSSARDI brand might not be as famous as the other Italian brands like Versace and Armani but they are very strong brands recognized for its tradition and heritage.

I was pleasantly surprised at the Trussardi fashion show. I’ve been to some presentations during the fashion show, but the fashion show’s style was totally different compared to the style that the brand approached before. A colorful collection with a mix of vivid colors and a more modern style. At the fashion show I saw the famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, she was there with her sister, Valentina Ferragni. Negin Mirsalehi, another well-known fashion blogger from Amsterdam was there as well. Executive Director Tomaso Trussardi and his wife Michelle Hunziker, but also creative director Gaia Trussardi attended the show as well.

After Trussardi Fashion Show I rushed to the Fashion Show of Missoni. The place was located quite far away from the city center and I wanted to be there on time, even though I knew that the show will start later. The location was quite dark inside was quite full.

Although it was a quite busy day, I cannot say I did not enjoy it. I could do this over and over again.





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