Interview with Clara, one of the Vogue Talents 2016 Finalists

October 26, 2016

Several weeks ago I had the chance to meet an extremely talented young Italian designer. I spotted her collection during the must-see event “Who is on Next? and Vogue Talents” as part of Milan Womenswear Fashion Week and I contacted her in order to know more about her brand CORA MILANO and about the story behind it.

Her name is Clara Giaquinto and she is one of the VOGUE Talents 2016 Finalists. She started her career in Fashion Design 5 years ago. At the moment she is working for Aquilando.Rimondi (design office) where she had the opportunity to learn a lot about developing new collections. Therefore she decided to launch her own collection, which was much appreciated by Sara Maino – head of talents for Vogue and which invited her to participate at Vogue Talents.

The story behind CORA: When Clara was 11 years old, she went with her father in a road trip around New England (New Hampshire) – and they stopped for one week on a lake called Winnipesaukee where she met a girl named Cora with whom she used to play. For Clara, Cora had the perfect life by living on the lake and by going around with her dog. Also the name “Cora” impressed her a lot as she never met someone before having the same name. That’s why the brand was named Cora, to represent something beautiful and to symbolize the perfection that everyone is willing to achieve.

What is different? Clara noticed that the current trend is going towards a different style, a lot “Mix-and-Match” and she wanted to design a collection that is feminine, precious and elegant at the same time, especially for young clients, in their thirties.

Partnership with CASADEIOne of The most interesting parts of Cora’s ss17 collection was the partnership she had with CASADEI. The shape of the shoes was chosen with CASADEI (it was the best-seller shape) and the fabrics were designed by Clara. The shoe collection made in partnership with CASADEI was a sort of small Capsule Collection and the collection included 9 pairs of shoes, each having a different design.

Collection Inspiration: The collection was inspired by Pompeii. She used many bright colors in designing her collection because she wants to refer to the 80s’. The collection is a mix between the 80s’ as an attitude respectively color and the prints that refer to Pompeii. The collection is a combination of fresh, youthful, colorful, vanish and luxury elements. Several tops have one ribbon as an accessory. This ribbon is an inspiration from a vintage top from 50s’ that she found couple of years ago in a vintage shop.

Production: All her collection is made in Italy. Except the embroideries that are made in India by an Italian company. Cara collaborates in Italy with the production company called 1920srl and the fabrics are being supplied by Gentili&Mosconi, a company in Como.

Next project : Clara did not start yet planning the new collection but this will come out in February 2017.

Stores: One store in Kiev and one store in Rome (distributors).






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