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June 13, 2016

Advanced Night Repair Serum 

For several weeks now I wanted to share with you my experience with Estée Lauder products, but also how I deal with any skin rashes.

Being in the fashion industry, there is nothing more important than a well-groomed appearance. The appearance of your skin is very important. More important than you think. Unfortunately the most of the people judge you based on your appearance.. and well-tended skin looks more appealing. Besides the daily skin care routine that every woman should have, we have to give more attention also to what we eat and how certain products might affect our skin. For example – even though it is very rare – I have an allergic reaction to chocolate. I develop a skin rash after eating chocolate products. Therefore, I highly avoid chocolate products. I analyse how my skin reacts after eating a certain product many days in a row.

Before switching to Estee Lauder Skin Care products, I tried several other less expensive skin care products. It worked – the most important key and the reflection of your skin health is WHAT you eat.  So it is up to you if you want to care about it or not. It might  However, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive skin care products in order to see the difference. There are plenty of other products who can fulfill your needs.

As I am becoming more and more obsessed with healthy lifestyle, I also decided to try other products on the market. Why Estee Lauder? I used before for several years the  Double Wear Light skin foundation and I was super satisfied with what the product was offering in terms of quality. I already knew that Estée Lauder has one of the best research and development laboratories on the market and Estée Lauder Skin Care products are one of the best-sellers worldwide.

I apply it every night before going to bed (and after cleaning my face) on my face and throat. The Eye Serum however, I use it just for the eye area as they are two different formulas. The eye serum is created specially for the delicate tissue around the eyes.

The most important fact to know about this product is that the Advanced Night Repair serum is great for all skin types and all ages. And it helps and protect our skin from environmental damage. It is perfect for drying, dehydratation, age prevention, loss of radiance.

During those weeks I noticed that it makes my skin glow and it looks softer and it feels smoother.


skin care is important, however, what we eat plays a  major role in keeping our skin healthy

use different formulas for face and eyes ( I did not know it either, but the skin in the eye area is way more sensitive)


Estée Lauder Skin Care products are purely amazing 🙂



Advanced Night Repair Serum
Advanced Night Serum for the face

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Advanced Night Repair Serum

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